Russia 300TPH Coal Gangue Crushing Line

Material: Coal gangue
Capacity: 300TPH
Application: In power plant
Equipment: Dual-drive track-type mobile crushing station

Project Profile

The project is located in an extremely cold place in Russia. Because of low temperature ( The temperature in some places is around -67.7℃), the hydraulic oil would reach the pour point easily which then increases the fluidity pressure and reduces the efficiency. Meanwhile, the low temperature badly influences the rigidity of steel and electric parts. The track-type mobile crushing station which uses dual drives of electricity and hydraulic pressure can conquer the low temperature and other severe weather.

Advantages Of Coal Gangue Crushing Project

In light of severe weather, the crushing equipment must be good enough. SBM's track-type mobile crushing station has been developed to conquer the atrocious weather. To adjust the environment, the mobile crushing station takes many innovative designs such as use of firgostable steel plates and CAN-BUS technology and heating system.

Customer Feedback

Because of the atrocious weather, we put strict demands on the crushing equipment. After multiple investigations, we knew that SBM's track-type mobile crushing station can stand the low temperature and flying dust. The equipment can closely follow the mine pit which not only reduces the transportation cost but also increases the use efficiency of coal gangue. We are very satisfied to the excellent equipment.

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